Athanasios Giouras

Academic Position: Professor

Field of Expertise: Political Theory

Detailed CV

Tel.: 0030-28310-77510

Office hours: Monday 12.00-13.00, Tuesday 10.00-11.00




1) Degree in Political Science in Panteion University.

2) Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Social Sciences at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität in Frankfurt (Germany).

Research interests:

1) Classical and modern political theory.

2) Theory of the state – fiscal dimension of state policy.

3) Theories of democracy.

4) University and power.

5) Politics and literature.


1) Political Theory

2) Theories of Democracy

3) Special issues of social theory – Karl Marx and Max Weber

4) Special topics in the political theory of the state budget

5) University and power

Selected Publications:

  1. Taxation and Politics. Politico-economic problematics and financial thought. Sakis Karagiorga Foundation, Athens 2000. (greek)
  2. Kritik und Geschichte. Zum Verhältnis von ökonomischem Historismus und historischem Materialismus. Peter Lang, Frankfurt / Main 2003.
  3. Freedom and history. With reference to the ‘Theses on the concept of history’ of Walter Benjamin. KAPSIMI, Athens 2012. (greek)
  4. «Wilhelm Roscher: the “historical method” in the social sciences: critical observations for a contemporary evaluation». Journal of Economic Studies, vol. 22, nr. 3/4/5, 1995.
  5. «Division of labour and societal formation in the work of Karl Bücher». In: Karl Bücher: Theory-History-Anthropology-Non Market Economies. Jürgen Backhaus (ed.), Metropolis, 2000.
  6. «Sovereignty and Fiscus. The material foundation of political power in classical natural law» Tetradia Politikis Epistimis, issue 2, 2003. (greek)
  7. «Financial theory and sociology of the state. Observations based on the text of J. A. Schumpeter The fiscal crisis of the state» Tetradia Politikis Epistimis, issue 3, 2004. (greek)
  8. «Anthropology, materialism and evaluation. The upright gait – observations on the anthropology Ernst Bloch ». Utopia, issue 59, 2004. (greek)
  9. «Max Weber and the Russian Revolution of 1905». Utopia, issue 77, 2007. (greek)
  10. «Revolution, power and censorship to John Milton. A chapter on the prehistory of the civil public sphere». Theory, values and critic. Tribute to Kosmas Psychopedis. (Ed.) M. Angelides, S. Demetriou, A. Lavranou, Polis, Athens 2008. (greek)