Dimitrios Kotroyannos

Academic Position: Professor

Field of Expertise: Political Philosophy

Born in Distomo, Greece, in 1953. He is Professor of Political Philosophy at the Department of Political Science of the University of Crete and Director of Centre of Human Rights. He has been Head of the Department of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Crete. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Political Science Department of the University of Athens, a D.E.A. and a Doctoral degree (Doctorat d’ État en Science Politique – Très Honorable) from Strasbourg University (Université de Strasbourg III – Robert Schuman). His doctoral thesis, «La Raison d’ État chez Hobbes et Spinoza» received the French A.D.R.E.R.U.S. price. He has published in international and Greek journals in Greek, French and English and has participated in international research programs. His research focuses on human rights, issues pertaining to equality and inequality, EU policies, social inclusion, social solidarity and welfare state.

Detailed CV

Tel: 0030-28310-77575

Office hours: Tuesday 13:00-14:00, Wednesday 9:30-11:30, Thursday 9:30-11:30

Ε-Mail:  kotroyannos@uoc.gr


1)  Doctorat d’ État en Science Politique (Μνεία: Très Honorable), Université de Strasbourg III (Robert Schuman)

2)  D.E.A. (Études Politiques Approfondies), Université de Strasbourg III (Robert Schuman).

3) Ptychion (4-yr Bachelor’s Degree), Department of Political Science, University of Athens

Research Interests:

1) Human rights

2) Issues pertaining to equality and inequality

3) EU policies

4) Social inclusion


1) Political Theory ΙΙ (Β’ ΥΠΟ)

2) State and Human Rights (ΥΕΣ)

3) Theories and Concepts in Political Science (ΠΜΣ)

4) Bioethics, Political Process and Regulation (ΠΜΣ)

Selected publications:

  1. The Problem of Self-Imposed Servitude in Étienne de La Boétie,Athens, Kritiki, 1995 (in Greek).
  2. History of Social Sciences, (Scientifically responsible and author in cooperation with B. Gregoropoulou, M. Givalos and G. Maniatis), 1999 (in Greek).
  3. «La Responsabilité des gouvernants», Pouvoirs  (Seul), 2002.
  4. «Le Libéralisme de Léo Strauss», Pouvoirs, No 91: 183-194, 2000.
  5. «The concept of popular dominance in Spinoza», Aksiologika, special edition 2, p. 113- 124, 2002 (in Greek).
  6. «Constitutionalism, Political Situation and Regulatory Standards in the European Union» (D. Kotroyannos & Κ. Α. Lavdas), Political Science, 2, 2005 (in Greek).
  7. «Political rationalityTen studies of Descartes» (with Mpagiona, Kinti, Farakla, Mpalta, Psichopedi, Preloretzo, Gregoropoulou, Leledaki, Kanaki, Perdikoudi), Athens, Exadas, 1999 (in Greek).
  8. «Natural Law and Human Rights», Social Sciences Review, v. 75, p. 46-88, 1989 (in Greek).
  9. «Montesquieu and history», Aksiologika, v. 11-12, p. 269-291, 1998 (in Greek).
  10. «Descartes: the New Ethics», in G. Faraklas and I. Prelorentzos (ed.), Politics of Rationalism, Athens, Exadas, p. 73-93, 1999 (in Greek).