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Detailed CV

Nikos E. Papadakis (BA, MA, MA, PhD) is Professor of “Education & Training Policies” and former Head (2009- 2011) of the Department of Political Science at the University of Crete. He is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Political Research and Documentation of the Department of Political Science, while he is a member of the Public Opinion Research Unit (POp.RUn) of the University of Crete. He has served as Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Education Policy, University of Peloponnese (2004- 2006). He has studied at the University of Crete and at the University of London/ IoE (currently UCL/ IoE).

He is currently International Expert at the ETF (“Skills & VET Governance” project), while he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the “Social Multicentre”, namely the Institute of the Hellenic Federation of Civil Servants (ADEDY) since 2011 and a member of the Higher Education Policy Network.

He was a Special Adviser to the European Commission (2011 -2013). He participated the European Commission Education & Training Coordination Group (ETCG/2006-2010). In addition he was a member of the Advisory Board of the UNDP/ RCPAR (Regional Centre for Public Administration Reform/ 2008- 2011).

He is the Team Leader of the EEA (European Economic Area) Financing Mechanism- funded project “Research and Comprehensive Intervention for the socialinclusion of a major socially vulnerable groupPsychological profile / psychopathologyskills‘ profileneeds assessment and programmes‘ development for trainingreskillingand psychological support towards the reinclusion of “young people not in educationemployment or training” (EEA Grants- GR07/3757- 2015- 2016).

He was a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the UCL- IoE (Institute of EducationMarch 2012- August 2012), while he has cooperated (as an external evaluator) with the Foundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT) of the Ministry of Research and Technology of Portugal (2007- 2008).

Additionally, he was a member of

  • the European Commission SGIB (Standing Group on Indicators & Benchmarks/ 2007- 2012),
  • the European Commission Cluster on “Key Competences” (2006- 2010),
  • the Subject Area Group (SAG) on “European Studies” of the “Tuning Education Structures in Europe” (2003- 2010),
  • the International High Level Advisory Group on Public Administration Reform in Greece (2008)
  • the Central Accreditation Committee of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government of Greece (EKDDA/2011- 2012)
  • the Social Research Group (Chair) of the Hellenic Minister of Education (2011) and
  • the Board of Directors of the Hellenic NARIC (2010- 2013). He participates or has been involved either as Team Leader or as expert- researcher in major reform- related projects, such as the recent following ones:
  •  “Regional Monitoring Mechanism of the Labour Market (Regional Employment Observatory)” in the Region of Crete, EU co-funded and carried out by the Public Opinion Research Unit of the University of Crete (Member of the Project Management Group, Coordinator of the Pillar 3 “Reskilling”/2016- 2022)
  • “Making Migration Work for Development” (MMWD), within the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) (expert- researcher/ 2014)
  • “The Barometer of the Absents. Identification, Classification and Development of evidence- based policy proposals to tackle a new form of social vulnerability: NEETs ((Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training)”, funded and supervised by the GSRT (EU co-funded) and carried out  by the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Crete, the Development Centre for Education Policy of the Greek General Confederation of Labour  (KANEP/ GSEE), the Foundation of Research & Technology (FORTH) and the Greek Public Opinion/ GPO (Team Leader/ 2011- 2013)
  • “The European Union’s EuropAid programme Civil Service Reform and Modernisation  of the Government of Kazakhstan (CSR)”, EU funded and carried out by the Consortium, consisted of DMI Associates, INCOM Consulting, WYG, ENA, LSE, Cantabridgia Advisors, DBB Akademie, ICAR (expert/ 2012)
  • Governance for Sustainable Development/ GAVA”, funded by the EU (DG EAC- 510751-LLP-1-2010-PL-ERASMUS-ECDEM)) and carried out by the consortium of 5 partners (University of Lodz, Fachhochschule für angewandtes Management, University of Westminster, Management, Institut d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche en alimentat, University of Crete) (expert 2012)
  • Reorganization of the Local Administration of the Republic of Cyprus”, EU- co- funded and coordinated- carried out by the  National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government of Greece (EKDDA), the Union of Municipalities and Communities of Cyprus and the European Profiles (expert and member of the Scientific Committee/ 2009- 2010),
  • Development of Training Programmes (based on needs- assessment) for the Public Administration Human Resources in Greece”, coordinated by the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) and EU fundedwithin the framework of the EU Operational Programme “Public Administration Reform”/ (expert/ 2009).He has been a visiting lecturer and/ or held seminars and lectures at several European universities (including University of London/ IoE, Facultiet Universitas Katholiques de Mons (FUCAM), European University of Krakow, University of Stirling, DP University of Copenhagen- University of Aarhus etc). Additionally he has taught at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government of Greece (EKDDA), the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration and the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is directing the Scientific Publication Series on “Human Resources and Public Policies” in I. Sideris Publications in Athens. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the international journal “Journal of Education and Learning (JEL)”, a member of the Scientific/ Advisory Board of the international journals “Foro de Educaciόn” and“Academia”, as well as Reviewer in International Scientific Journals, including the “European Legacy”, the “Espacio, Tiempo y Educación”, the “Educational Research and Reviews” and the “Asian Journal of Humanities & Social Studies”.
  • He has 111 publicationsin Greek, English and French, including journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters. He is the author of 7 books- monographs, in Greek and English, while he has edited 6 books. 140 (approximately) presentations in Conferences and Workshops in Greece and abroad (71 out of them, in International Conferences and Workshops). He has participated (or currently participating) 35 (mainly research) Projects in Greece and abroad, either as Team Leader or as researcher/ expert.
  • Additionally, he was a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Social Partners’ capacity building- reskilling project titled “Social Partners’ Life Long Education Programmes towards the development of horizontal and social skills” {Social Multicentre/ADEDY, Centre of Education Policy Development of the General Federation of Greek Workers (KANEP/ GSEE), Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (IME/ GSEVEE)/ 2013- 2015. He holds membership in a number of scientific and professional bodies in Greece and abroad {including the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI), the European Sociological Association (ESA), the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE), the Greek Society of Education Historians affiliated to the ISCHE and the Hellenic Political Science Association (HPSA)}.