Thomas Noutsopoulos

Position: Assistant Professor

Field of expertise: Political Theory

Tel: 0030-28310-77567

Consultation-hours: Monday 17.30-19.30, Tuesday11.30-13.30



1)Ptychion in Political Science, Panteio University, 1990-1994

2) Master of Arts, University of Sussex, 1995-1996

3) PhD, University of Ioannina, 1996-2000 

Fields of Research:

1) Classical Political Theory

2) Modern Political Theory

3) Dialectical theory

4) Classical Political Economy


Political Theory I

Special Issues in Political Theory: Hegel

Property and Politics in the age of imperialism

Violence and Politics.

Selected Publications:

  1. «Economy and war in Hegel: the Marxian critique », Defkalion 22/2, Stigmi, Athens, 2004
  2. Dialectics and values. Analyzing dialectical concepts in the work of Hegel and Marx, ΙSΚ, Athens, 2005
  3. «Solidarity and Life in Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right”», Hegel-Jahrbuch 2006.
  4. «Regulating the interest rate in late mercantilism: The contest of John Locke with sir J. Child», Axiologika/ 19, Nisos– ΙSΚ,Athens, 2008.
  5. Introduction in J.M. Keynes, The economic consequences of the peace, Papazisis, Athens, 2009.
  6. Value and the Republic.The money-form in Plato, Papazisis, Athens, 2011.
  7. «Athenian democracy: Deliberation and leadership under crisis. Cleon and Diodotus (C37-38, 42-43)», Axiologika/ 27, Nisos- ΙSΚ, Athens, 2012.
  8. «Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the disguises of the critique of political economy», in R.Azizoglu – G.Faraklas (ed.),Democracy in exile.A guide for the thought of Rousseau 300 years after his birth, Nisos, Athens, 2012.
  9. Introduction in J.A.Hobson, Imperialism. A study, ΚPSΜ, Athens, 2013.
  10. «Family and Co-operation: Marx’s use of a Hegelian schema», Hegel-Jahrbuch(forthcoming).