Dimitrios Xenakis

Academic Position: Assistant Professor

Field of Expertise: International Politics: Mediterranean

He studied International and European Politics (BA, MA, PhD) and his doctoral thesis was awarded by the Hellenic University Association for European Studies with the European Studies Prize. He has served as Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Policy Unit at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (MFA), Vice-Chairman of the Centre for Security Studies (MPO) and Member of the Scientific Board at the Defense Analyses Institute (MND). He is member in various international research networks, as well as, referee for academic journals. His publications include, The emerging Euro-Mediterranean system (with D. Chryssochoou, MUP, 2001); The Politics of Order Building in Europe and the Mediterranean (DAI, 2004); Global Europe? International Dimensions of the EU (co-ed with M. Tsinisizelis in Greek, Sideris, 2006); European Polity: The Art of Synarchy (co-ed with D. Chryssochoou et.al in Greek, Savalas, 2010); and Guidelines in the Study of International Relations (co-ed with K. Lavdas and D. Chryssochoou in Greek, Sideris, 2010), chapters in edited volumes, as well as, articles in journals, such as, Mediterranean Quarterly,  Cambridge Review of International AffairsPerceptions and the Review of International Affairs.

Telephone: +30 28310 77558

Office Hours: Wednesday 14.30-17.30 & Thursday 11.30-14.30

Email: dxenakis@otenet.gr

Website: http://xenakis.page.tl/


1. PhD in Politics, University of Exeter, UK, 2000.

2. MA in European Studies, University of Exeter, UK, 1996.

3. BΑ of Arts in European Studies, Hertfordshire University, Greece-UK, 1994.

Research Interest:

1. Theory and Methodology of International Relations

2. International Politics in Europe and the Middle East

3. Regional and National Security

4. International Organization


1. Political Theory IV: International Theory – ΠΟΘΠ136 (2nd Year, Compulsory)

2. The Political System of the European Union – ΠΣΕΠ139 (2nd Year, Compulsory)

3. The European Union in the International System ΕΥΣΠ289 (3rd-4th Year, Optional)

4. Euro-Mediterranean Relations – ΕΥΣΠ 253 (3rd-4th Year, Optional)

5. Contemporary Governance Issues (Course taught in English with K. Lavdas and C. Manasakis) – ΣΖΔΠ404 (3rd-4th Year, Optional)

Selected Publications:

1. Greece in a Changing Euro-Mediterranean Setting: Guidelines for Future Action, Euro-Med Research Monographs, No. 1, Hellenic Centre for European Studies, Athens, 2009.

2. Union for the Mediterranean: National and Regional Perspectives, Special Issue of Hellenic Studies, 17(2), Autumn 2009 (co-ed. with P. J. Tsakonas),

3. “France’s New Mediterranean Initiative: Lessons from Post-Cold War Regional Cooperation”, Karamanlis Working Papers, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 2008 with St. C. Calleya),

4. “Parliaments and Civil Society Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership”, Mediterranean Quarterly, 15(1), 2004, pp. 75-92 (with R. Pace και S. Stavridis).

5. “The contribution of Greece to strengthening Euro-Mediterranean relations», Perceptions, 5(2), 2003, pp. 173-208.

6. The Politics of Order-Building in Europe and the Mediterranean, Policy and Defence Themes Series, No. 19, Defence Analyses Institute, Athens, 2004, pp. 147.

7. “Prospects for Euro-Mediterranean Governance”, The Review of International Affairs, 2(4), 2003, pp. 47-70 (with D. N. Chryssochoou).

8. The emerging Euro-Mediterranean system, Europe in Change Series, Manchester University Press, Manchester & New York, 2001, σσ. 167 (with D. N. Chryssochoou).

9. “Order and Change in the Euro-Mediterranean System”, Mediterranean Quarterly, 11(1), 2000, pp. 75-90.

10. “From Policy to Regime: Trends in Euro-Mediterranean Governance”, CambridgeReview of International Affairs, 13(1), 1999, pp. 254-270.