Alexandros Koutsogiannis

Academic Position: Lecturer

Field of Expertise: Political Theory

Tel: 0030-28310-77459

Office Hours: Monday 12.30-14.30, Tuesday 11.00-12.00


Alex Koutsogiannis studied sociology at Panteion University (Athens) and Social and Political Thought (MA, DPhil) at the University of Sussex (Brighton, UK). He is currently a Lecturer in Political Theory at the Department of Political Science of the University of Crete and a Research Fellow of the Scientific Council of the Hellenic Parliament. His publications and research interests evolve around the following areas: Marxism, democracy, the state and civil society, parliamentarianism, representative democracy, governance and social rights.


1) DPhil, University of Sussex, UK

2) MA in Social and Political Thought (with Distinction), University of Sussex, UK

3) BA in Sociology, Panteion University, Athens – Greece

Research Interests:

1) Theories of Ideology and Alienation

2) Parliamentarianism and Representative Democracy

3) State and Civil Society

4) Democracy, Governance, and Social Rights


– Critique and Ideology in Political Theory

– Selected Subjects in Political Theory: Autonomy and Democracy

– Modernity and Political Theory

– Selected Subjects in Political Theory: Representative and Radical Democracy

Selected Publications:

  1. “Co-decision or delegation? Direct democracy, social interests and the transformation of the political”. World Congress of Constitutional Law 2014:Constitutional Challenges. Global and Local. Oslo, June 16-20.
  2. Aspects of Governance. “Retreat” of the state or a crisis of the “political system?” (in Greek). Greece and the EU at the crossroads of crucial developments. Policies, Strategic Choices and Prospects” (in Greek). University of the Peloponnese, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations 6-8 December 2013 (proceedings in press).
  3. Scientific co-ordination and translation of The State. TheoriesandIssues,ColinHay, MichaelListerandDavidMarsh (eds.). Political Analysis Series, Palgrave, Hampshire 2006. Savalas Editions, Social Science Series, Athens 2011.
  4. “Economic Development and Ethics in the theory of Human Rights of Amartya Sen” (in Greek) in Social Cohesion and Development Vol. 1 No.2, Autumn 2006, pp. 57-74.
  5. The role of individual and social responsibility in the formation of a democratic framework of social politics. Institute of Strategic and Development Studies, Athens, 2004.
  6. “Ideologia e o projeto autonomia na teoria do imaginário de Cornelius Castoriades” inEstudos de Sociologia Vol.5 No 2, Recife, UFPE Brazil, 2001, pp. 7-30.