Location - Infrastructure

The Department of Political Science is housed in the premises of the School of Social Sciences at the Gallou Campus, specifically, in building B1, where there are 2 (two) teaching rooms, 8 (eight) academic staff offices and 2 (two) laboratories (Centre for Human Rights and Centre for Political Research and Documentation), in building B2, which houses the Department’s Administration, and the School of Social Sciences building, with 11 (eleven) academic staff offices, 1 (one) conference room, 1 (one) teaching room, the postgraduate students’ room and 1 (one) laboratory (Public Policy and Administration). There is also a Social Statistics and Political Research Laboratory operating in building complex A.

Access to the Department of Political Science: the Gallou Campus is situated next to the Gallos village, approximately 5 (five) kilometres southwest of the city of Rethymno. From Rethymno city centre, access to the Gallou Campus is via Stamathioudaki Street, heading west (in the direction of Chania). At the military camp crossroads, road signs indicate a turn south, in the direction of the Gallos village.

From outside the city, access is via the National Motorway (Motorway 90) at the Atsipopoulo junction (the westernmost junction leading to the city). More specifically, at the right-hand exit of the east side of the junction, at a distance of 50 (fifty) metres there is a bypass, with signs pointing in the direction of the university.